Ilha Grande

Approaching Ilha Grande it soon becomes clear that you are on your way to paradise.

A huge green carpet formed by the Atlantic Rainforest covers the island, creating a stunning contrast with the beautiful blues of the sea and sky. This majestic island has a surface area of approx 193km2, with 155km of coastline offering 106 gorgeous beaches and coves for you to explore. Dotted around the island are a number of villages, varying in size but equal in charm, inhabited by quiet and kind people living from fishing and tourism. Within the jungle you can find an incredible amount of rivers and waterfalls as well as monkeys, reptiles, birds and butterflies. The transparency and warmth of the surrounding ocean and the wonderful sea-life it holds, complete a truly magical environment in which you can spend your days.

And this island still has a riveting history, with stories of pirates, Indians, slaves, prisons and royalty dating back three thousand years, giving a unique flavor to our little corner of the world.

Happily the island is free of cars! Boats, from schooners to fishing tugs, are the main means of transport around Ilha Grande with many motorboats and sailboats frequenting its waters. The other way to get around is on foot! Take advantage of the amazing trails which wind around the coast and parts of the interior following in the footsteps of the Indians who created them. Enjoy an unforgettable stay of pure relaxation and fun, combined with all the comfort and good taste that Estrela da Ilha has to offer.